10 May

A quick in and out is always my goal when going to Walmart with kids.  I rush, in the hope to avoid any tantrums...

Today my Jack (8) took Levi (5) into the boy's bathroom for a potty break.  When they came out Jack jumped into the cart ready to keep shopping.  Levi, on the other hand, crumpled to the floor and started crying. OH, NO! We hadn't even started shopping yet! I took a deep breath and crouched down trying to get on his level.

My first thought was, "he must be mad that Jack had beat him back to the shopping cart?" However, after a simple door opener and a couple of active listening comments to his responses I learned he was so sad because he hadn't been able to dry his hands!!! 

haha Oh, is that all!?! 

As I active listened to him he suddenly came up with his OWN solution.  "Mom," he said, "can I dry my hands on your shorts?" Surprised, I answered, "yes." After his hands were dry he happily jumped up and we went on our merry way.  

The success of that moment has made my heart so full and happy.  

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